We may not have flying cars, but 2012 is amazing.

Today’s post will be a reflective one.  I want to write about how much the world has changed in the short 27 years that I’ve been here.  I’ve gone from a time where record stores still have records, to where the concept of physical media for distribution of art and ideas is becoming antiquated.

Not only that, new technologies have made opportunities that existed to those with great capital and resources, available to everyone.  From smart-phones that can have a world of data, research, and people at our finger-tips, to consumer DSLR’s that give near-professional (some would argue full professional quality) video opportunities to regular people on regular budgets, the world is full of all kinds of opportunities that our parent’s generation couldn’t even fathom.

Not to say that the new generation hasn’t been without challenges.  People are working for many more years, homes cost more, and moving from point A to point B via vehicle transport is always getting more expensive. And yet, technology is offering many opportunities that don’t require us to go far to help other people.  Distribution channels can bring ideas from South Africa to Tokyo.  From Berlin to Edmonton.  From Los Angelas to Yellowknife, the world is now a vastly more connected, smaller place.

Technology has opened whole new ideas, worlds, and people to a whole generation.  If it weren’t for technology and the internet, I probably would have never finished my teaching degree in Japanese and English education.  I would not have had the opportunity to connect with and share ideas, language, and culture with people whom I’ve had great pleasure and fortune to share a part of my life.

I would love to start a conversation with you about how technology has impacted your world.  Feel free a comment below, and at reply me on Twitter through @ctriff.

Till next time



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