Adulthood and Cosplay

ImageAdulthood and cosplay, how many times have we been to cons and listened to someone say they think this will be their last con. Usually it is prefaced with “I think I’m getting too old for this.” What I find very disturbing about this is that there seems to be an implication that age is a limiting factor of what people should be able to do.

Let’s put this into a different perspective. What is different about dressing up a business suit, or dress, and going to a social dinner for a political party, or a cause you believe in. You wear the uniform, you show up, and meet with other people and network within the context of that interest. The only difference I see with cosplay is that it has a lot more color, and generally is more youth oriented.

Which brings me to my last point. Youth brings with it a lot of ambition, optimism, and creativity. These are all things that are absolutely tragic to give up on. The most ambitious leaders of the world never give up on their youthful creativity, and not accepting the status quo.

The world is a place that will continue to be ruled by those who will not accept the lies of negativity. We have control of our world. We have control of the jobs we take, the cost of our homes or rent we chose to take. Often we make choices, and expensive ones at that, to keep up appearances.

Fun fact, average mortgage will cost approximately 1.5 times the value of the home. So if you buy a house for 300 000, you have to pay 450 000 over the life of the home. So that is 150 000 dollars just to pay the interest and other fees. That is several years work for many people at the start of their careers.

Cars lose tons of their value the minute they are driven off the lot. Yet we still buy new, and finance them. People say life is unfair. I think it is more than fair.

People rather need to remember that resources, time, and money are limited. If we use these inefficiently, and don’t weigh the choices we make, life can definitely become a struggle. Remember, we can chose to get on the treadmill, and step away from the things that brought us passion and fueled our creativity as youth. Or we can make intelligent choices, and make our youthful passions into part of a productive adulthood.

What is everyone else’s thoughts on this?


3 Replies to “Adulthood and Cosplay”

    1. I agree. People also, I think, often forget that they ultimately have to be happy with the choices they make. Too often we worry about whether others will approve. That I think gets people caught in the trap of keeping up with appearances, as opposed to choices they feel comfortable waking up to every day.

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