Going to where your audience is

I had a eureka moment today.

Don’t create a blog separate from Facebook, blog on Facebook!

Have you ever thought about starting a blog, or some kind of online presence? I spend a lot of time thinking about how to find engagement in topics I care about. So I set up a blog, and kind of just hoped good content and interest capturing titles would do the trick.

Doing a bit of reading, which I’ll be sharing here, there were several good points that have brought me to this Ah ha! moment. Promoting work on Facebook, Twitter, and the like requires convincing people to stop what they are doing to come and read what we have written or made.

Someone who sets down and reads a newsfeed wants to catch up with what their friends are doing, maybe see a funny pic or two, and move on with their day. By putting an external link on Facebook, I create an inconvenience. You have to decide first, am I going to click it? Second when I get there is it so long it really is removing me from what I originally set out to do (catch up on Facebook).

So I’ll put this to the news feed. When have you found Facebook useful to bring you new ideas, or start conversations with friends you otherwise might not have?


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