Back to Cosplay after 7 Years

Kurisu - Shimakaze Amatsukaze Fall 2017-8This has been a long time coming. Earlier this year I started cosplaying again. It isn’t like I haven’t been involved in the local con scene these few years, but I haven’t really did Kigurumi cosplay during this time. Fall last year I got the itch again to get back to the place where I was during my initial university studies.

What made that time special was that I was running and was studying the stuff that I wanted to. Having decided to take a second degree, circumstances lined up for me to return to running. A short half year later I started kigging again.

Kurisu - Shimakaze Amatsukaze Fall 2017-5Now it is fair to say that this style of cosplay is not for everyone and the masks can be a little much for many, but for me I just love the creative spaces that this style opens up. One isn’t bound by face shape, gender, and with the mask being solid and a little bigger than a regular human head allows proportions to be fudged a bit. Moreover as a photographer I absolutely love the creative options for photos and video. As a cosplayer I am not stuck worrying if my face is doing what I think it’s doing and just focus on posing.

I’m excited to be back in this hobby, and I will absolutely sing the praises of how running can really bring life to better places. I don’t want to obsess about losing weight, but I absolutely think it’s important to find ways to keep an active lifestyle as it has been such a positive force in my life.


What Gets You Out of Bed?

Tokyo First Snow 2013-12There’s the question.  What gets you out of bed each morning?  Perhaps school, work, exercise.  For me it is the thought of possibility for the day.  Yes we all have to work and pay the bills, but ultimately is that the reason we come into this world?

Here is the challenge I want to lay down for myself today: Make the world a little better place than it was yesterday.

My training background is adult education, and for me my belief is that knowledge awakens us to the possibilities that we didn’t know were there.  It is very easy to feel helpless when you don’t think you have alternative choices.  We live in a time where if you have any question, or want to learn anything, the answers are a few short keyboard keys and a click away.

Right now I am working on learning how to program.  Not for any particular reason, other than I feel one should always be learning and picking up new skills.  Moreover I would like to eventually start a series of articles that explains programming concepts in terms that non-technical people can understand and appreciate.  After finishing my goal of living in Japan for a bit, this is my new reason to get out of bed. New challenges, new opportunity.

So what is getting you out of bed today? Embrace of new challenges and opportunities, or routine?  Let me know in the comments below, tweet me @ctriff,